Watch Report — September 16, 2011


Come Holy Spirit

Let the Lord Be Made Known Throughout the Earth!

I have heard of you, that the Spirit of God is in you, and that light and understanding and excellent wisdom are found in you. (Dan. 5:14 NKJ)

During Worship, hearts were crying out as deer panting for water and His Presence filled the atmosphere. Ps. 42:1.

Message: Michael Neukam

Michael began by decreeing an increase in the weight of God’s Presence. The Lord is calling us to commune with Him in a fresh way. Let us partner with the Holy Spirit so we get closer as in one Body.

Communion with God can be seen as we look at the relationship between the Father and Son. We get a greater sense of God’s heart. Communion is intimate fellowship in union, which brings a greater unity. We must practice the Presence of God. This is the most intimate union we will ever experience.

The Holy Spirit lived deep inside Jesus to perform the works. We can harmonize even more on a greater level. Unity will breed greater levels of harmony with Him. The Blood of Jesus gives us access as He sends us forth.

Three Things to Know:

  • First, know what we are seeking.
    John 5:36-44
    His Presence
    Honoring Him
    Hosting His Presence in greater humility
    Taking stock of our motives
    Greater level of authority
  • Secondly, Know that we need to know Him.
    Rev. 4:10-The angels laid down their crowns, which represent accomplishments, success and achievements.
    Our identity is not found in anything but Christ Jesus.
    2 Chron. 20:12: Taking all and laying it before Him.
    Worship, dependence, partnership, and honor to God.
    As we yield and lay down our crowns, there is a Presence and glory that rises.
    More clarity, effectiveness, discernment and revelation come.
  • Third, know how to partner with the Holy Spirit.
    Rom. 8:26-27
    Get out of your head and turn it over to God and partner with the Holy Spirit
    Partnering with God means we move by His Spirit
    Pray in the Spirit for better answers and results
Michael continued to illustrate how important it is to agree with who God says we are versus man’s opinion. Men said, “What good can come out of Nazareth?” Jesus of Nazareth found His identity in God. There is a difference between emerge and merge.
Emerge-Move out of or away from something and come into view. Platform. Merge-Combine or cause to combine to form a single entity. Submission. We increase as we yield.


  • Israel: The Lord is over this nation. The angel, Michael, has risen in this hour over Israel. We ask the he would shoot forth his arrows against every enemy and cancel the assignment of the enemy’s camp. America will always be a friend of Israel. We bind the bullying spirit sent against Israel. Bring forth a David to slay Goliath!
  • Middle East: Isa. 19:19-25. This is unfolding now. And speak forth peace and destiny for these nations!
  • Church: The church moves on behalf of Your breath. Stir Your Spirit and show us the passion of a powerful lover.
  • America: Show us what You can do! He blows His breath over our Christian nation. We are established as the head. Give us leaders to agree with Your establishment. Lord, give us back leaders who will lead us in your ways, those who will be on their knees. Like Daniel, we shift the entire atmosphere of America through prayer and fasting. We take the seven mountains of religion, media/arts, business, family, church, government and education. Blow again and open blinded eyes. Raise up Your people. Open the heavens and let Your glory fall. Open up their hearts that they will know You. We take authority over the airwaves. We send forth a wave cancellation. Our citizenship is in the third heaven. We take authority over satellites. We pray You, Lord, would shut the mouth of the lions in media. Favor!


Scripture References

Acts 2:1-2; Ps. 1, 84, 85:6, 122:6-7; Gen. 12:3; Isa. 19:19-25; Eph. 5:33; Prov. 1:7,

Prophetic Words/Visions/Songs

Michael had a vision of a giant ogre who was arrogant and muscular. Michael asked who this ogre was and the answer came as, “I am the bullying spirit.” Humanism and liberalism were in this giant. Michael blew on him and he disappeared. Right now we blow the breath of God and we break the bullying spirit.

A vision was seen of Jesus in His royal attire. The Lord says we are His workmanship. Ex. 36. He says it is a pleasure to give us His Spirit.

A vision of a sea of people. The Lord is pouring out supernatural gifts and talents as we worship Him.

A prophetic act was done as watchmen began to spin around to knock off anything that had been attached to them. The angels ride in the whirlwind.

Two visions of open doors. Rev. 4. We walk through these open doors to decree the Word of God and see them come to pass. Isa. 22:22—key of David—open doors that no man can shut. Open doors to America to godly men and women. Open up you ancient gates and let the King of heaven come in.


Prepare yourself! Get ready! Align yourself! Isa. 42:5. breath to His people; He will take hold of our hand .

A vision of a newscast with a woman and man anchor going to breaking news. “Miracles are happening in the park and at ANC

Healing Center”. We have the real Anchor Man! Heb. 6:19-20. He will perform over the airwaves.

A declaration was made to the worship leader to set a new rhythm of the drum beat. As this happened, it was declared the Church would arise and throw off religious habits. God will pour out His Spirit inside men and women who have been gifted. Father will turn the eyes of directors and producers to His children with favor. Ps. 29:4.

A vision of the game “Whack the Mole” was seen as the drums set a new rhythm. God said we are to whack the spiritual moles. This was confirmed by another watchman who literally had to deal with a mole situation that was invading his yard. God is whacking the moles through our intercession.

A prophetic act was done through prayer as we prayed for the entertainers. Each person agreed with another for a figure in the entertainment industry declaring salvation and new direction over them as we called them out by name. 1 Pet. 2:9.

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