Watch Report — November 11, 2011


Thanksgiving 2011


Unto You, O Lord, We Give Thanks!

Oh, give thanks to the LORD! Call upon His name; Make known His deeds among the peoples! (1Chron. 16:8 NKJV)

The night began with everyone coming up to give God thanks for at least one thing in our lives. The Watch Leader was impressed to set the atmosphere of “waiting” on God. We must set aside our burdens and serve the Lord a Thanksgiving Feast. Ps.27:14

Message – Bonnie Chavda

Tonight is a strategic spiritual assembly and this is a living word. When we choose to give thanks, we are linking the present to the past things God has done.

In 1621 there was a drought and it seemed impossible for harvest. People gathered in the assembly house and sought the Lord. God released a soft and gentle rain upon the land. Bonnie had a vision of the gentle rain coming to bring us answers to prayer as a harvest.

When we follow the Bible model of thanksgiving, it will bring a change for us personally.

Choose Thanksgiving! When you’re facing an enemy too big for you, the key is thanksgiving! Jehoshaphat, Jonah, Paul and Jesus are some examples.

The scriptures for tonight contain different dynamics of giving thanks:
  • Ephesians 5:18-20. Singing, Joy and Harmony!
  • Romans 1:21. Light, Wisdom and Purpose!
  • Luke 9:16. Multiplication!
  • Ps 103:1-5. Healing!
  • Colossians 3:15. Peace!
  • Ps. 106:1. Worship!
Draw on fresh streams of the Holy Spirit for fresh images. The Lord has been showing me, Bonnie, visions regarding horses. I recently watched a cowboy preaching as he broke a wild horse in thirty minutes. The cowboy’s demeanor was humble and loving. It drew the horse in without harsh words or actions. This is how God does with us. We were made to carry a rider – we were made to be in the bridle and to be saddled by God. Humility and grace will transform us.

Bonnie had an open moving vision of a herd of horses representing three generations, this first of which she was a part. The first ones were dark brown and wild; the next were white and harmonious as they dropped a foal to the next generation. They were still wild and strong yet disciplined. She prophesied that we will see three generations come together in a unique time - and we are now in that time. She also heard the Lord ask what animal is the most featured in the Bible: the horse! And the white horses in the book of Revelation represent the Holy Spirit – first there is Jesus riding the white horse and then there is a company following riding on white horses - we are in the age of the horsemen of God!

The horse Secretariat was reverenced for stamina, distance and speed. He was able to achieve record speeds and distances that have yet to be broken. After Secretariat passed, an autopsy was done and they found his heart was double the size of a normal race horse. The supersize heart enabled the horse to be a champion. It’s not our heart alone, but we have a supernatural strain of God’s heart in us. Job 39:19-21.

God is helping us move into a new realm to be one with Him. We must choose between two emotions: fear or love. God is visiting us now to move us from a negative emotional stronghold. He is taking us to a higher realm- He is moving us through a vibration of love. The fruit of the Spirit is rooted in love.

Bonnie spoke from C.S. Lewis’s The Horse and His Boy. The horse in this story actually trained the boy. She also shared a clip from the stage play War Horse. In this play, three people worked as one to bring the horse to life. As these actors worked together, they learned how to flow together as one in harmony with each other.

Bonnie mentioned the dynamics of Flow Psychology. Create your atmosphere intentionally to steward the Presence of the Lord. Maximal effort will allow us as much freedom as tactical constraints. We must operate in the pace and wisdom of the Lord. God is extending to us liberty in the Spirit. We are friends of God and He is investing in us grace and favor. We have been set up; so let us run with patience and endurance.


  • America and wildfires in Reno, Nevada: One of our watchmen came with a prayer request from her brother who was a part of the force fighting the wildfire that had broken out in Reno, NV. She was placed in the middle of the circle formed by the other watchmen who surrounded her with a double-ring wall of intercession. Prayers, supplications and declarations for containment of the wildfire were lifted up. Deaths and property damage had already occurred due to record winds of 70+ miles per hour and the firemen were being sent in as the area was being evacuated. We prayed for protection of lives, property; decreed the winds to cease and for rain and even snow to fall. (See Testimonies section for more details – yea God!) Nevada’s state creed is Out of Battle. We also declare that silver and gold will come forth from Reno. We declare our economy will be restored as it is currently under fire. America has given to the poor around the world and we declare that we have lent to the Lord as we’ve given to the poor. We ask that You, Lord, would pour out Your abundance on America for great strategies for entrepreneurs to make wealth in this nation. Kick start our economy. We pray revival will come to our nation in 2012. We reclaim the covenant spoken over this land.
  • Military: We pray the soldiers will stand point. Ps. 9. Thank You God for love, peace, angelic visitation and deliverance.
  • Israel: The Lord’s expectation of Israel shall be fulfilled. Rom. 11:26-27. Supernatural protection and divine wisdom for leaders. America and Israel’s union will be inseparable.
  • Pastors: We declare blessing over our spiritual leaders from Deut. 28:3.

Scripture References

Ephesians 5:18-20; Rom. 1:21; Luke 1:71, 9:16; Ps. 18:48; 103:1-5, 106:1, 105:1; Col. 3:15; Zech. 4:10

Prophetic Words/Visions/Songs

  • Reno is known for quick divorces and the Lord gave Bonnie a word of restoration for Reno. Beulah and Hephzibah Isa. 62:4; Hosea 2.
  • Vision: Lots of people being festive and nobody sad or discontent. All were celebrating and praising as they returned to the King. When the children were ready to leave Egypt, there was none feeble among them.
  • Vision: Valley of dry bones. We speak to the dry bones of our economy and say be healed!
  • Vision: The alabaster box being broken as we worshipped.
  • Word: The Lord told me He wanted to play a game of space invaders. I looked up “space” and “invade”. These are the definitions:
  • Space: The unlimited expanse in which all things are located; Invade: To enter so as to occupy; to enter a place, situation or sphere of activity in large numbers especially with intrusive effect. He (the Dove) wants to enter (descend) and occupy (remain) everywhere we go, every situation we find ourselves in, and in every sphere of activity and influence. Upon hearing this, a poem entitled, Holy Spirit Invasion was shared to invite His Presence.


Answered Prayer: Later that evening, Bonnie looked at the weather conditions in Reno and saw that our prayers had been answered regarding a shift in the wind’s speed and the Lord opening His storehouse of snow. The winds had slowed to seven mph and it began to snow! Yea God!!!!

Forever. The Lord woke me up singing this song. You must give thanks now for the promises you are expecting to see before you see them. I began to give thanks and God opened the door for a phone call 30 minutes later for a job offer. Praise Him!

The Treasure Hunt team went out eighteen people strong and all were able to release prophetic words and prayers of healing and blessing to those matching their “clues”. One team was able to pray for a pregnant woman. As the Holy Spirit gave words of wisdom and knowledge, the baby leapt in the mother’s womb and the mother was very encouraged and blessed.

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