Watch Report — April 20, 2012


Watch Focus: Open Heavens—Evangelism


He Knows You By Name!

Nevertheless the solid foundation of God stands, having this seal: “The Lord knows those who are His…. (2 Timothy 2:19 NKJV)

As Worship was offered up and the Shabbat candles were lit, His Presence filled the room.


Watch Leader: We welcome the Presence of Lord and join the worship and prayer service taking place in the heavens. We are His chosen people; His royal priesthood. We have a distinction above all others. Let heaven come to earth. We enter through the Blood of the Lamb. Let Your glory come and fill every person tonight. He is wonderful! Psalm 133. 

Bonnie’s Vision: The Ancient Glass Maker was in His factory with fire, heat and sweat. On a long pole He had liquid glass working it in the fire until He created the most translucent, amazing vessel. There were colors like blue and gold. It was an elegant vessel. The bowl was fragile and would contain oil. He pulled the neck of the vessel. It is a parable. He is pulling us through the narrow places. He heats it to make it moldable. He extended the lip in the most graceful way. You are an elegant vessel that contains a great deal of oil. Narrow places will stretch and elongate your capacity and make you a fit vessel to give this oil to others. Consider yourself an elegant vessel made by the Master Craftsman. The narrow place of stretching is the very thing that made you a fit vessel to pour the oil out for others. 

Watchman: This is a breakthrough moment. There is an open door in the heavens. We can walk through corporately. We are here to move mountains. Don’t be afraid, only believe. That is the doorway for mountains to move tonight. 

Watch Leader: There is lightening around the throne. Power surges in the house tonight. As we were singing The Rain is Falling, I saw vast fields. What is your field: family, business, health, ideas, and talents? That field is before the Lord. He is raining on that field. Fresh revelation. The fields are ripe for harvest. Jesus said, “Look at the field”. There are harvest fields that we are just now noticing. 2 Cor. 6 says this is the acceptable time for favor. It is an acceptable time for my life, business, children, family, church and nation. You are in Your acceptable time! Isaiah 61:1. The Spirit is upon us…. 

We proclaim the Word of the Lord over the team going to Korea. Mahesh had a vision that he saw the shadow of the cross overshadowing Korea. Accost someone that you meet and call them out by name. Lay hold in the spirit. Thrust in the sickle. Lord, fill us with eyes to see. Move mightily in us and through us. 

Prayer for Korea: A watchman from Korea read Isaiah 64:1 and led the prayers as other watchmen joined in. We pray for Korea. The capital city of North Korea is Pyongyan. In 1907 revival broke out. Many of our fathers have experienced the revival. Now is God’s favored time for Him to come again. Blow away everything that should blow. We pray for the team going to Korea. Pour out Your Spirit upon them from the Cross. Everything that can be shaken is being shaken. The glory of the Lord is their rear guard. You have prepared this time as the acceptable time. Place angels on their left and right; above and beneath. There is a great cloud of witnesses. They will come back with sheaves in their hand. Isaiah 45. Like Cyrus, take hold of their right hand. The Lord will go before them and level the mountain. He will cover you and give you the treasures of darkness. Signs, wonders and miracles as never seen. North and South Korea will be united again. Pray the border line will be in sync again. Make a way for the nations. Be united again from the North, South, East and West. Preach the gospel to the ends of the earth. Pass through the border line and make a highway in the wilderness. God will give you victory wherever you go. God will take care of you. Let all Korea fear the Lord. The counsel of the Lord stands. 

Vision for Korea: The stone cut out from the mountain. The Stone is going to strike every other mountain. You are the Chief Corner Stone! 

Vision for Korea: A picture of the Passion of Christ when Jesus was in the garden praying and He got up and stepped on the head of the serpent. Isaiah 54:17. No weapon! Every detail will come into the plan and go smoothly. We cast the devil out of the details. Upon this Rock I will build my Church! 

Word for Korea: Like the woman with the issue of blood. There will be many there reaching out to touch the hem of your garment. You are My workmanship. As they reach out to touch the hem, they will be made whole. I see fishing. You are calling them in. Your nets will be full! 

Prophetic Song: There’s a boat load of fish. They’re gonna catch white fish, blue fish, green fish, yellow fish. Supernatural nets full and overflowing. Anointed fishermen. 

Word for Korea: The Kingdom of God is at hand. You bring the power. Revival. Eyes are open. You confirm Your word with signs following. 

Vision for Korea: Picture of borders of North and South Korea. Pray for release of spirit of evangelism to fall afresh on many in S. Korea to make a way into N. Korea to spread the gospel. Give them a hunger to spread the gospel. 

Bonnie: There is a door open to move a mountain. There are a couple of key points tonight. First, The Mountain of the House of the Lord. Daniel 2:45. Second, as Azusa was taking place in the west, revival was in Korea. Acts 17. Pre-appointed boundaries. That boundary line between North and South Korea is not pre-appointed. It is time for God to do His work. Vision: There was a bandage on the wound. When God rolled back the bandage, there was no wound. We amen that this is the hour of visitation for Korea. Declare: The mountain that has been raised up in North Korea, your wound will be healed and the land will be restored. Desolate inheritances will be restored in this hour. Prayer: Now Lord, stretch forth Your hand to heal and do signs and wonders. We speak to that boundary and say be healed. We speak to the spiritual boundary. Lift up your heads, oh you gates and let the King of glory come in! Ps 24. 

Song: Let the glory of the Lord rise in Korea. Let the praises of the King rise in Korea! 

Watch Leader: As Bonnie was describing wounds, I saw there are many natural diseases that come from supernatural curses. God is going to bring a wave of healing. The Balm of Gilead is being applied tonight. Waves of healing. 

Watchman: God has put a fragment of His heart in Bonnie’s heart. She has authority to heal the wounds. 

Bonnie: I remember when I was in Korea years ago. God gave me a vision and I saw the glory train run from the South to the North. He said we would see the union of the two. I kept that vision. I feel the weight of His glory in the power of agreement. God is going to grow His glory bubble. Two times during the planning of this trip to Korea, bubbles appeared out of nowhere. 

Word of Knowledge: The Lord wants to heal someone who has a kidney problem related to a pregnancy. We speak to the kidneys and say, “Let them function and be whole.” 

Prayer for Evangelism: We pray for a fresh anointing. The woman in Samaria, nobody else would talk to her, but Jesus. Who do you encounter on a daily basis? God is going to open doors of spiritual awakening. Father, change our methods. We ask for the baptism of fire. 

At Communion time, prayers for America, Israel and the Church were offered up.



Scripture References 

Deut. 28:10-12; Matt. 9:37-38, 28:19-20; Luke 19:10; Acts 1:8; 2 Cor. 6:2

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