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“You, as Indians, are a sleeping giant. You are now awakening. You may become a spiritual superpower in this country that can change not only America, but the world.” — Dr. Billy Graham at the 1975 Indian Evangelism & Christian Leadership Conference

Navajo Woman Receiving SalvatiTop: Elderly Navajo woman receiving salvation and the baptism of the Holy Spirit at the Healing of the Nations Rally in August.

Top Right: Team working hard setting up for the rally.

Bottom Right: Ministering to team.
6 Parking
5 Ministry Team

7 Bonnie Chavda MinisteringOne of the key birthing places for revival and renewal that we have encountered is in the deserts of Arizona on the Navajo reservation.
 Apostolic leaders Ellson and Debra Bennett have a vision for awakening and restoration and have planted a stake in the desert for streams to rise up and bring healing to the nations. In August, the Lord gave us the opportunity to send an apostolic team with Bonnie to be literal hands and feet, serving our First Nations brothers and sisters in preparing a place for some of the nation’s honored spiritual fathers—Kenneth Copeland, Jerry Savelle, Jesse Duplantis, and Creflo Dollar—to come and minister on the reservation. 

The seven-day event drew over a thousand visitors to the reservation. Our team was there to provide man power to set up the giant meeting tents, install the lighting and sound, grade the parking lot, cook, clean bathrooms, dig ditches to divert rain away from the electrical equipment, and anything else that our hosts needed. 
Below are some slide shows from the event. More than 22 tribal nations were represented among the attendees at this year's Healing for the Nations Rally. We saw literal and spiritual rain fall in the desert. Many precious souls were 
saved, delivered, and filled with the Holy Spirit as a fresh wave of glory came with power to heal and transform! 
Thank you for your part in supporting this mission. Through the real relationships God is giving us with various leaders and families, we will continue to pursue being a part of the wider national awakening that strategically includes natives and reservations. This is just the beginning...
3 Children

Watch Video Reports from Bonnie Chavda and Team Here.


Winter Mission!

Quincy Good Star, one of the First Nation, apostolic leaders God is anointing in this hour, shared with us the conditions facing many of the members of his nation. On the Lakota reservation in South Dakota a typical home is a thin-walled trailer without insulation and often without heat. The winters are harsh, and the elderly in his community are especially vulnerable.Death from hypothermia is common.


We are making plans now for our Winter Mission to provide needed support to the First Nations in this community. Details will be coming soon. You can give to this mission now at chavdaministries.org/WinterMission.