Commissioned for Miracles!

Ministry Report from Voice of the Prophets Conference, Lancaster, PA


This past week, Mahesh Chavda ministered to over one thousand passionate believers – from pastors and leaders, to marketplace ministers, to hungry souls desiring more of God. From the beginning, Mahesh set the stage for entering this next season of glory. It’s time to take the limits off and believe for much more.

During the pre-conference leaders' meetings, Mahesh laid hands on over two hundred pastors for impartation in signs, wonders, and miracles—releasing them as agents for apostolic glory encounters in their churches and ministries around the world.Releasing the power in the word, "I AM the Lord who Healeth Thee"

I AM the Lord Who Healeth Thee:

During Thursday night’s miracle service, the Lord confirmed His word, “I am the Lord who healeth thee” with waves of healing miracles. At one point, Mahesh said, “The Lord is healing people with missing cartilage in their knees and joints.” He had people stand who needed healing, and then had them run around the room. As they ran, the creative miracle glory began restoring joints right there.

Judith said, “I couldn’t jump up and down. Now I can. It’s better now. Praise God.”
Mary testified, “No more pain!”
Esther shared, “I have been praying for the Lord to give me brand new knees. My knee doesn’t hurt like it used to. It’s better.”
Mark said, “I had a torn meniscus and lots of knee pain. I do feel better. God has touched me.”
Tom testified, “Eighteen days ago, I tore my left meniscus…and now it is healed. The pain is dwindling away. I couldn’t hop up and down or run around the platform, but now I can. Praise God!”

In that flow, the Lord began opening new doors of healing. He gave Mahesh the name and hair color of a woman suffering from anxiety and depression. She received her deliverance breakthrough that night! He got another word for someone suffering with Spondylosis spondylitis. A man responded. He needed new hips and new shoulders. Walking was difficult and he had to stand and move in a bent over position. After Mahesh prayed, he could stand up and walk upright! Most of the pain was instantly gone.

IMG6873The Lord began to move on barrenness. Mahesh saw an angel coming into the rooms with healing for barren wombs. He had barren women stand, and he declared, “By this time next year, you will be pregnant or have a child.” We are looking forward to hearing the good reports in the coming months!

Finally, Mahesh ended the service by laying hands on every single person who wanted prayer. Over a thousand people received ministry late into the night. Many who received prayer were amazed at the genuine love and anointing that flowed as Mahesh laid hands on each and every person. They said they were touched, changed, and received a mantle for miracles in their own lives.

Through the next two days of ministry, miracles continued to flow. On Friday, Mahesh spent four hours signing books and connecting 


with people desiring to move in more miracles and anointing. He prayed for many who came with a desperate prayer need for themselves or a loved one. During his final session, the anointing came to heal eyes. Mahesh began calling out eye conditions like glaucoma and floaters and several people responded. We heard from one of the men who told us he had had floaters and his vision had much improved.

The kingdom of God is not only in word, but in power. Every miracle glorifies Jesus and is an open door to step in for more. The apostolic work of CMI changes lives every time Mahesh and Bonnie go out, sharing the tangible love of Jesus and the power of the Spirit, equipping the saints and ministering to those who are lost. Lives are being transformed and the nations are seeing the glory of the Lord!



impartation for pastors and leaders    Impartation for Pastors and Leaders  
impartation for pastors and leaders



First Night at Kingdom Invasion - The Glory is Moving!

More than 10,000 people from over 40 nations filled the Suntec Singapore Convention Centre and another 1,000 spilled over into the overflow room. As I welcomed the glory, God began to move. 2,000 people rushed forward to receive salvation and baptism in the Holy Spirit. They were so hungry they kept coming and coming. Miracles and healings began to flow. This is just the first night and we are looking forward to more in Singapore! 
160112RESIZEDMCSingaporeTuesOn 160112RESIZEDMCSingaporeTuesOn
Opening Night Session - Kingdom Invasion Entering the Glory Bubble
160112RESIZEDMCSingaporeTuesAl 160112RESIZEDMCSingaporeTuesAl
Invitation for Salvation and Baptism of the Holy Spirit  2,000 people rushed forward to give their lives to Jesus or be filled with the Holy Spirit!