Miracles, Signs, and Wonders in Ann Arbor!

Ministry Report from Releasers of Glory Conference, Ann Arbor, MI

We just returned from ministering with Apostle Barbara Yoder in Ann Arbor. The first night, as Mahesh began speaking about the awesome glory of the Lord and His all-encompassing, all-sufficiency wrapped up in His name, El Shaddai, Gold began to fall out of the atmosphere and cover his notes and pulpit. In that glory words of knowledge started flowing and miracles Ann-ArborWeb3began to manifest. Several people with knee pain and missing cartilage were healed. Tim shared that when Mahesh started calling out people with knee pain, “I got up and I felt that my knee was getting better. I started moving around. There used to be a lot of pain. It was stiff. But now, it is a lot better. Praise God! No pain!.”

Angels in our Midst

The glory kept thickening as the evening progressed. At the end of the miracle service, Mahesh began to lay hands on everyone who wanted prayer. Suddenly, he began to feel burning heat so strongly that he at first thought someone had put a heater behind him. Then he realized, it wasn’t a heater, it was a fiery angel standing right behind him!
At that same time, in Charlotte, the Watch of the Lord was in an amazing corporate encounter. The entire congregation was entering into a realm of great faith and miracles as they proclaimed the awesome name of Jesus and sang praises to His name. Suddenly, Bonnie said she felt the presence of an angel enter the room. Then she saw the flash of a fiery sword and felt the burning heat of the angel as he joined us at the Watch. It was the same angel that Ann-ArborWeb5appeared to Mahesh and asked, “How big is your chair?” a few years ago.  She knew that he was a key angel in the battle for America and her destiny from her birth in the revolutionary war until this day.

Ears Opened and Wombs Healed

Tom and Marcia shared that the last time Mahesh was in Ann Arbor he had prophesied that their daughter was going to have a breakthrough. She and her husband had been trying to have a child. The called her and told her what Mahesh had said. By the end of the year, she was pregnant, and she recently delivered a healthy, baby boy! On Sunday, Mahesh released healing for ears. Sharon reported, “My left ear had an issue with dull hearing. A sharpness of sound was released at the word of the Lord.” Janice from Ontario, Canada reported, “At age forty, I had left ear hearing loss. It’s back now! Thank you, Father.”

Something is happening!

There is increase in the glory that we are seeing in every gathering with more miracles, more encounters, and more faith released for the impossible. This is the year to pursue, overtake, and recover all. The God of angel armies is stretching forth His arm for mighty deeds.