Rivers of Wine and Oil in Seattle!

Ministry Report from Awakening and Harvest Summer Camp Meeting, Seattle, WA

We just returned from ministering in Seattle where the Seattle Revival Center and their pastor, Darren Stott, have been hosting the presence in weekly revival meetings for over a year. They have been plowing the ground in the region which was manifested in the faith, expectation, and responsiveness of the people to the glory. The church was at full capacity and another 5,000 people were watching online.

Pastor Darren said that it had been his dream to have Mahesh come and minister at his church. He knew about Mahesh since he was a child when his father would tell amazing glory stories. When the Lord called Mahesh and Bonnie back to America from ministry in the third world, He told them that the revival would be with those who were hungry, humble, and holy. This truly described the people gathered in Seattle. They laid hold of every word by faith. It was beautiful to see the next generation of leaders honoring the previous, listening to their wisdom and opening their hearts to be mentored in the glory.

Glory Vibrations in the Northwest!

Mahesh prophesied that Seattle would be one of the key places where fresh wine and oil would pour out from the Northwest and down the West Coast. He saw a mighty river coming forth and declared that the Seattle Revival Center would steward this fresh wave of outpouring for America.

During the first night’s healing service, the atmosphere was charged and so full of glory that words of knowledge and miracles started flowing the moment Mahesh took the pulpit. He Children Touchedreceived names of people and their specific situations. He called one woman out by name. His word was that there was glory for a situation concerning her house. The next day, we found out that she was in the middle of a legal battle over her family’s home. He had another word for a woman whose dog was terminally ill. She wept as she realized the Lord even cared for her dog and sent a word for her best friend!

Mahesh released a word of deliverance for loved ones who were dealing with opioid addictions. At least 30% of the room stood up for prayer. It was an astounding to see the number of people who had loved ones oppressed by addiction. He prayed to break this bondage and released blessing over their families.

The service ended with ministry for every one who was there. The Lord gave Mahesh a word for almost every person that came through the line. He prayed for one woman and said, “I see you like a Lotus flower. You should study the Lotus plant.” She was shocked. She said, “I was praying to the Lord and said, ‘Lord, I want to see myself in your garden.’ All of the sudden I had a vision of His garden and I saw myself as a lotus unfolding into a full blossom.”

People fell down in the power of the Lord before they even reached the front of the prayer line. Ushers were carrying people away to make room for ministry. It was precious to see the children who came forward visibly touched by the presence of the Lord, many lying on the floor for an extended time. A young boy with special needs and his mother came for prayer. His mother wept as he fell in the glory, and his countenance changed in the presence of the Lord.

Baptism in Holy SpiritThe second night Pastor Mahesh released the word, “The drought is over.” The response was instantaneous. People jumped to their feet and started streaming forward with a spontaneous offering to respond to the word. The faith level and softness of hearts in this community was like a well-plowed garden ready to receive the seed God had for them. Many came forward and received the baptism of the Holy Spirit and their prayer language that night.

Mahesh ended his message saying a dimension of breaking the drought is breaking curses and releasing blessing. He led everyone in a prayer to break curses. After the prayer, we experienced a confirmation on that word like what we had seen recently in Ashland, VA. In Ashland, a pastor from Kenya heard the prophetic declaration and laid hold of it for his nation, which had been suffering from extreme drought. As soon as the meeting ended, he called his family. While he was speaking to them, his family said it started to rain in Kenya! During our meeting in Seattle, a couple grabbed the word for their estranged son who had suffered from mental oppressions. AS THEY WALKED OUT OF THE MEETING, their phone rang. It was their son. He said the depression had lifted, and he was able to call them for the first time in weeks.

Legacy of Miracles

Miracle BabyMany long-time friends of Chavda Ministries shared how they have been tremendously refreshed and transformed through the impact of this ministry. One couple shared that after having their first child years ago, they were unable to conceive again. In 2006, they came to a Texas Ablaze conference and Mahesh prayed for them. That weekend, they conceived Evangeline, who they named in honor of Mahesh and the power of evangelism released in their lives. Now they have five children and shared with us their testimony.

A woman named Cassie shared with us a powerful testimony which happened twenty years ago while she was serving as a missionary in Australia. She was a substitute teacher in a secular school and asked the Lord what to say to the children. He told her to read chapter five of Only Love Can Make a Miracle to the class - where Pastor Mahesh describes his visit to heaven when Jesus called him “My little brother.” She read the chapter and then asked if anyone wanted to accept Jesus. The entire class got saved! She says those children are now having children of their own twenty years later, and they are saved because of the story in that book. Watch video testimony here.

Francine shared that she had just been saved and came out of Totem worship when she first heard Pastor Mahesh in the early 2000’s. She said he had called many people forward for prayer. She had never experienced the glory before and was not sure about everything, but when he laid hands on her she fell down and felt heat go through her body. She was healed of GI issues and acid reflux. She was healed that night. Not only that, but she had the privilege to lead her uncle to the Lord. As she led him in a salvation prayer, he began to pray and accept Jesus in his native tongue.


As we minister across America and the nations, we are seeing the glory increasing. People are responding to the Lord with a powerful hunger for more. He is touching those humble hearts with His presence. We are declaring that the Lord will bring the former and latter rain upon this land that will break spiritual drought, break curses over families, and release an unprecedented outpouring of miracles, signs and wonders. Let that mighty river of His new wine and oil come upon you today in this awesome season of revival glory!