Vibration of the Glory in Louisiana 

Ministry Report from the Miracles, Signs, and Wonders Conference, Lafayette, LA

Mahesh and Bonnie ministered at the Miracles, Signs, and Wonders Conference in Lafayette, LA. Our host Church, The Vineyard Church, has stewarded an atmosphere that has made a place where the glory can come and touch that city and region. When their plane landed, Mahesh could feel the vibration of the glory under his feet. He saw cities that will be revival centers, and prophesied that the area will be flooded by the presence of the glory of the Lord. There was a sense as Mahesh and Bonnie ministered that unusual signs, wonders, and miracles would occur in the coming days.

During the Friday night miracle healing service, Mahesh spoke about the glory bubble. He challenged the people to become ambassadors of the glory by speaking from the glory realm. He declared that the Holy Spirit was singing a song over them with His virtue and life. We saw fruit of that declaration when 20 plus people came forward that night to receive the baptism of the Holy Spirit, and many others responded to rededicate their lives to the Lord.

The Lord also came in miracle glory that night. Amy was healed following a terrible car accident on January 26, 2017, which left her left arm and shoulder numb, and she was not able to turn her head because of the pain. She had gone for an MRI earlier on Friday. She was healed after Mahesh had a word of knowledge during the healing service. J.D. was healed of hearing loss. He no longer needs hearing aids.

Pastor Dino Griffin shared with us a great testimony which happened two years before. He was at the Voice of the Prophets conference when the fragrance of the Lord came while Pastor Mahesh was laying hands on everyone. He had heart failure and could only walk short distances without being out of breath. He got touched in the glory. He felt something change, and he ran around the auditorium to test his heart. He could run and was not out of breath.

Mahesh and Bonnie were able to release powerful words to encourage the people. Bonnie shared on under-rowers, servants and stewards of the mysteries of God. The faith level of the people increased as she shared the story of their son Aaron’s miracle. They were able to corporately pray for impartation and commissioning for all of the people, and encouraged the Church in Louisiana to step into their Kairos moment of evangelism and revival.