Pentecost Glory in Phoenix

Ministry Report from the Pentecost Glory Conference in Phoenix, AZ

In June, Mahesh was ministering at Pentecost Glory in Phoenix. As he began to speak, he recalled the time, over 25 years ago, when he had been ministering in the Phoenix area and the power blew out as soon as he welcomed the Holy Spirit into the room. We found out later that the power surge had gone all the way to the street and knocked out the transformer for the area. As Mahesh shared this story, two people in the audience began to wave their hands, saying, “We were there!” We called them to get their testimony and this is what they shared when we interviewed Steve and Lori on that encounter:

We had just moved to Arizona from Hong Kong where we had served as missionaries. When, Mahesh welcomed the Holy Spirit and He welcomed the Holy Spirit and prayed for the power of God to come. Immediately, there was a tremendous BOOM! All the lights went off. We remember the presence of the Lord so powerful that a woman got up out of her wheelchair. That same night we were also standing in for our nephew who was born with a congenital birth defect. The bone in his forearm had not grown properly and floated in his arm, too short to attach to either his elbow or wrist. His blood vessels had not developed properly either. They were a tangled mass, and his whole arm looked like a giant strawberry. The doctors were concerned that the issues with his circulatory system would permanently damage his heart. From that night forward, our nephew’s situation began to change. His bone began to grow and eventually reconnected to his wrist and elbow. And the knot of blood vessels began to clear. Today he is whole!

At that time, we got the book Only Love Can Make a Miracle.  We were so impacted that we began working with the mentally and physically handicapped community at their church. Our Sunday School has been running for 25 years now. We were so blessed, encouraged, and impacted by the testimonies.

In the early eighties, I was in East Lansing. I was a baby Christian when someone invited me to come to Michigan State University to hear an Indian Evangelist. *He prayed for me and gave me a prophetic word that set the course of my life!

It was such a blessing to be at this conference [Pentecost Glory]. The power of love of God radiated from every word Mahesh spoke. It had not faded one bit over the years, but only increased with time. Both sessions gave us a deposit and spoke directly to everything we need in this season to encourage and strengthen us. We were so touched by the time Mahesh took to speak with people, and so appreciated the time he took to speak with us.