Catch the Wave!

Ministry Report from the Glory Conference, Lafayette, LA

It is a joy and delight to be back with our friends at Lafayette Vineyard in 2018 for their Glory Conference.
We are in a prophetic time of historic events in the natural and in the spiritual.

Something is happening! Our word to Lafayette, and our word to every Christian is to rise up, take God's commission, and fulfill your purpose in this hour. There is a wave of blessing coming. This is a time of blessing for America. Like we see in Joel chapter two, there is a great move of God's Spirit that will restore every sector of our nation -- both the natural and the spiritual. Look up, be in faith and expectation, fill the atmosphere with praise, worship, and declaration of the word and promises of God. Press in for the blessing. Catch the wave for you, your house, your church, your city, and your nation.

When we were here in 2017, we felt the vibrations of revival coming for this region. One year later, we can sense a thickening of the presence here. People came from across Louisiana and even as far as Hungary to come be a part of this strategic gathering. This community has a mantle to shift the atmosphere of their city and region, and we are seeing the fruit of their wrestling for the blessing of revival.

Angels Watching

In October, Pastors Dino and Kris Griffin were attending our Prophetic Fire Conference. Bonnie and I were commissioning leaders to start watches in their cities, and I said that there were angels that would go with them as they watched and prayed. They decided that night to start a Watch of the Lord in their church. The next day, while they were still at our conference in Charlotte, their worship leader was praying at their church in Lafayette. She looked up, and there standing over their church was a huge angel with a sword in his hands. He had the face of an eagle and double irises. She knew he was a watching angel. They have been watching and praying now on Friday nights, and it has already brought together people from across their city to harmonize together in worship, prayer, and glory for regional and national transformation.


Miracles were flowing at every meeting. As soon as we stepped into the pulpit, we could sense miracles right there in the atmosphere ready to be released. I began to get specific words of knowledge for individuals, with their names and situations they were facing. At one point I got the name of a man and God gave me a word of restoration for his family inheritance. Then I got the name, Tammy. One woman stood--it was the wife of the man I had just called out. The Lord confirmed His word of restoration and blessing for that house, calling husband and wife by name! At the end of the service, I laid hands and prayed for everyone there.

Laying hands 2 laying hands 5 Glory soak Laying hands on everyone

On Saturday morning, Bonnie had the impression that the Lord was healing sciatica. She asked everyone suffering from sciatica to come sit on the front row. Over thirty people responded. After she and the healing team ministered, everyone you see standing in this picture was instantly relieved of all pain!

Sciatica 4 Healed of sciatica pain
Praying for people with sciatica. Pain free!

We met several people who testified of their dramatic healing since we prayed for them last year. Candy was wheelchair-bound with advanced emphysema when I prayed for her last February. She said she has been wheelchair free ever since! She is doing much better in every way, and we amazed at the transformation as she darted around the sanctuary, served on the ministry team, and participated in the glory this weekend.

Out of Wheelchair:

Michael was suffering with memory problems and had a tremor in his hand due to the cognitive issues he was suffering from last year. We prayed for him, and he came to tell us he is restored. His wife said, "I have my husband back! Even his sense of humor has returned." And his tremor? HIs hand is solid as a rock.

Memory Restored:

Set Free from Addiction:

Another family testified that last year I had a word of knowledge about a woman who was crying out for a son who was addicted to opiods. I told her, within six months, your son will be free. Six months to the day, her son was set free from addiction! Thank you, Jesus! Praise the Lord for these wonderful testimonies. We celebrate His awesome goodness, and are so thankful for His signs, wonders, and miracles. He sets the captives free!

Thank you!

Thank you for being a part of these miracles as you partner with us in prayer and giving. Together, we touch the lives of so many who need Jesus; strengthen and encourage the church, and bring apostolic counsel to churches and regions. Together, we are stewarding the atmosphere for God's glory wave to roll across the nations.