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We just completed our first Glory-Force Summit on May 31-June 2. It was beyond everyone’s expectations! We were humbled to have participants from a variety of spheres that ranged from the medical profession to banking, IT, the fine arts, ministry, and fortune 500 companies. The glory atmosphere filled the weekend, surrounding our conversations, making personal connections, and opening the way for miracles and revelation. We were thrilled when Dr. Clarence Henderson, one of the original Civil Rights leaders from the Greensboro, NC sit-in, and Kevrick McKain, Chief of National Programs at the Douglass Leadership Institute came for our Sunday service and final Glory-Force session. They joined with us as we commissioned our first Glory-Force Summit participants with the laying on of hands and impartational prayer.

We are still vibrating with all that happened in this wonderful summit. Below are just a few testimonies and pictures from this amazing weekend in the Glory! We can’t wait until the next one. Stay posted for updates. We will be announcing our next Glory-Summit soon!

"It really has been "Glory-Force" all the way! I was expecting BIG. And it has been BIG... To be able to ask questions and go deeper and deeper has been awesome." — E.P., Charlotte, NC

"I am blown away by everything that has happened in such a short amount of time... I am so excited to be in a company of champions that will run and finish the race strong!"
C.P., Houston, TX


"Thank you for modeling the peace and EASE of how to minister from the Gory via the power of the Holy Spirit. Thank you for never having a sense of 'rush' and always having a sense of 'presence.' 

Thank you for all the countless ways you demonstrated that you had not only read the biographies but also you had digested them. You had taken us in to become part of you and your ministry.

Thank you for speaking into existence the STRATEGIC part of the prophetic ministry time. There are truly NO WORDS for how spot on this visionary and prayerful outpouring was."
F.H., Cary, NC