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Happy 75th Birthday to a mighty servant of God! 

With over four decades of faithful ministry, Mahesh Chavda has been a voice of the love of Jesus with healing and miracles to the lost and broken of the whole world. Today, we celebrate his birthday and honor him. Mahesh has modeled friendship with the Holy Spirit and led The Watch of the Lord™ movement for over 25 years. He has led the body of Christ as a seasoned authority on prayer and fasting, the power of the living word, operating in faith, setting the captives free, pulling down principalities and powers, and moving in the Glory of the Lord with signs and wonders.
Mahesh Crutches Zambia newScanFor more than half a century, we have witnessed Mahesh Chavda’s devotion and faithful service to the Lord of Lords and King of Kings, our savior, Jesus Christ. We cannot express in adequate terms the pride we feel as a community and spiritual family to be a part of his ongoing story, the testimony of Jesus that is Mahesh’s ministry and life. His witness to the miraculous power and transforming glory of God has born immeasurable fruit and return to the kingdom of God. We treasure every miracle, every testimony, every soul touched for the Lord.
Thank you, Mahesh, for every day of fasting, for every journey into the world to spread the gospel, for every moment of ministry and every moment of study, for every prayer. May the Lord return to you abundantly and remember your faithfulness to His word. Your example and story inspires us in this day like never before that the time for the gospel is NOW. The fields are white in the world!
To all our friends, members, partners, thank you for being a part of this ongoing story of of Jesus, for all your support, and for watching and praying with us to see the kingdom come.
Salvation unto our God! And unto the Lamb! Blessing and glory and strength and wisdom and honor be unto the Lamb!
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Join us in honoring and celebrating Mahesh today. Share with us a testimony of how Chavda Ministries and the work of Mahesh Chavda has impacted you over the years. Write your testimony or record a video, email it to, and put “Birthday Testimony” in the subject line. You can also share your testimony on our web site at the bottom of this page. 
Thank you for joining us in celebrating Mahesh Chavda on his special birthday. 

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