We join with the British people in mourning the loss of Queen Elizabeth II who passed away today at Balmoral Castle. She reigned as the longest serving monarch of the British Empire. She gave hope and stability to British subjects around the globe for over seventy years. We honor her life and stand with the British people as they grieve their Queen’s passing and in prayer for their new king, King Charles III.  

I remember well the Queen’s trip to Kenya in the early 1950s where I lived as a young boy. I was deeply impacted by the reception and honor she was given while she was then still a princess. It was during this trip the news came that King George VI had died, leaving Elizabeth the new Queen of the British Empire. She traveled back to England in mourning to ascend the throne and bury her father.

We pray that in this time of both mourning and of new beginning for England that the Lord of all would not only move to comfort the people of this nation, but would give an outpouring of the Holy Spirit and of revival in that land. We ask that the Lord direct the path of the British nation and its leaders. Great Britain has been a friend to our land and to Christians around the world. May they continue to bless God’s people. I grew up singing “God Save Our Gracious Queen,” now we join in saying, God save the King.   



A rainbow appeared moments after Queen Elizabeth's passing was announced.