Watch Report — October 19,  2012

Watch Focus: Economic Recovery

Mission Impossible!


Jesus glanced around at them and said, With men [it is] impossible, but not with God; for all things are possible with God. (Mark 10:27 AMP)

We welcomed the Presence of the Lord by the lighting of the Shabbat candles.

Watch Leader: We are in the love of God. We should never doubt knowing God loves us. Pray in the spirit. We focus on the King and the immovable throne. Your glory Lord; Your story Lord! Rivers of authority, provision and dominion flowing from the throne of God.

Song: You are endless God!

Watchman: The drought is over. Reservoirs are being filled with water overflowing. The cracked, dry ground is being watered and springing forth with life.

Watchman: Hosea 2:14-16. We are in a new place of intimacy. There is a doorway of hope. You have allured us and awakened us. Thank You for replanting us. You are our first love. We know our identity.  

Watchman: Signs of revival seeds springing up. Restoration. Thank You for revival breaking out in our hearts. Former rain and latter rain. Now is the time. Revival rains come down.

Bonnie: Personalize this, “Now is the time for rain!”

Testimony: I had a dead stick in the ground. The Lord told me to water it from Bonnie’s word a couple of Fridays ago. I watered it and it began to bring forth life.

Watchman: Glory. You have the King of glory. I saw a vision of the sign with Uncle Sam that says, “I need you!” Our country and forefathers need you. It’s a spiritual battle and we need to breakthrough with prayer and fasting. Let there be a continuous water flow. Jeremiah 17:13, Ezekiel 47:12. We are the trees. God provides the living water that comes from His sanctuary.

Message: Bonnie Chavda

Watchmen, it’s time to awake from your slumber. Hebrew 6.

You are being enlightened. Confusion and chaos must go. The light is in us. Enlightening, tasting and heavenly gifts. It’s more than good. It’s eating, ingesting and becoming partakers of the Holy Spirit, who is the heavenly gift. It’s a one-two punch.

The Word is good; the Word is God. We are partakers tasting the powers of this age and to come. That’s us. Partakers, tasting God. Partakers of power of the age to come. Resurrection now! Invisible God, tangible God. It’s inside. Drink!

Stop and consider what goes on when you take a breath of air. Drinking of the Holy Spirit is the same kind of spiritual sensation. In your spirit there is something happening in your living body. Take some big breaths. What happens? We don’t have to think about it. It’s the same thing with believers that are born again. We are tasters of the Holy Spirit. It’s good news now. The word of the Lord for me is good. Good is coming. We see it in the life of Jesus’ healing, deliverance and resurrection. He poured out that we might be partakers of the age to come. God in action. Miracles, signs and wonders.

We have a mission. Mission possible. If you choose to accept your mission. We are here as watchmen to create harmony from the word tonight. Living River, bring restoration life. We are the priest and prophet of that.  Release the river into our economy. We take our place. We are a holy nation. We are His image bearers. Image and likeness; form and nature. It ties in with our life in the nation. We are the image bearers of the mighty One. It’s not the fullness like looking in a mirror. We are in the midst of His creation in the earth receiving glory and reflecting it to creation. We receive it back from creation and offer it back as priests, presenting people to God. Prophets as we represent God to people.  Romans 8. We take that place tonight as we shift the economy.

While I was walking, I saw a scene I have never noticed before on the side of the hill. The workers were pushing a handheld instrument into the earth to break up the ground. After they broke up the ground, they threw seeds into the opening. This year there was barrenness. Turn up the fallow ground. Shortly, there will be green where there was barrenness. Fasting and prayer are breaking up the topsoil for God to saturate it with His Holy Spirit. There will be a harvest, fruitfulness, miracles, proclamations and astonishment when our God comes.

There’s a fascinating and amazing story that I was reminded of as we sang Deep calls out to deep. Hezekiah’s Tunnel 2 Kings 20:20. The water is up to your calves and gets deeper. King David came to take the city of Jerusalem, the centerpiece of the Promised Land to Israel. The Jebusites and Midianites made fun of him.  They told David he would not come in. David had a different strategy, led by Joab; he went into the spring and through the tunnel as he stormed the city and took it.

King Hezekiah dug the tunnel because there was about to be an invasion. Hezekiah knew time was of the essence and he needed an unending water source, Gihon Spring to the Pool of Siloam. This is a huge distance underground. He set two teams with pick axes at each water source and told them to start digging. They dug through solid limestone to create a flow with perfect angles. I’m excited!

The inscription on Hezekiah’s Tunnels is in Hebrew. Some of the inscription is not legible, but it reads:
 the tunnel ... and this is the story of the tunnel while ...the axes were against each other and while three cubits were left to cut? ... the voice of a man ...called to his counterpart, (for) there was ZADA in the rock, on the right ... and on the day of the tunnel (being finished) the stonecutters struck each man towards his counterpart, ax against ax and flowed
water from the source to the pool for 1200 cubits. and 100? cubits was the height over the head of the stonecutters ...

I prophesy over you from the Bible. Allow the river of the good word of God to create that life. Stand up and breathe. You are partakers of the good word of God tonight. We are eating the substance, power, resurrection, light and promises fulfilled of God’s word.

Picture yourself as Ezekiel. I release the living word of God around you. Ezekiel 37. Lord Jesus, we loose Your word. We prophesy to the dry bones. We see all around. As You put Your hand upon Ezekiel, it’s Your good plan that has made us to know You. This is the hand of the Lord that has done it. You set us down in the middle of the valley of dry bones, not to die, but to be filled. We breathe in Your Presence and drink from Your Headwater, from Christ. As king and priest, we speak to the Holy Spirit, “Come breathe on these slain, cause sinews and flesh to come on these dry bones that we see all around us.” When there is fear, death and financial disorder looming, lack of jobs and poverty; we breathe in the breath of God. We prophesy abundant life over these bones. We declare there is life all around us.

It’s time for the deep to meet deep. Get your pick axes in harmony as we pray and fast. Ezekiel 37:4-10.

How many of you need financial breakthrough? The Lord will build you now. Close doors will open and you will have divine encounters. There will be a shift within seven days, if not three. Let the river flow. Breathe, O breath. This is the time for breakthrough for you to receive your prayer language. Pick axes, begin to dig away!

We sowed tonight financial seeds into our economy throughout the Lord’s House for a financial blessing.

I pray for those who are having difficulty in the reproductive area. Stand. The good word of God is coming and breaking up the fallow ground; no more barrenness, no more cancer, no prostrate, no ovarian, no cyst, no hormonal, no sterility. Come breath of God and breathe on these. Raise them up. This is the year of good report.

The covenant is seed given by God at the inception of life that produces life. Principle of God. Blessing and multiplication are automatic.

We break liens, foreclosure and bankruptcy. Break any and every threat against land, physical or spiritual. Rehoboth. The Lamb says Amen. I see the shift. I see the Lord. Mark this night down if you stood in faith to receive. Just like the inscription on Hezekiah’s Tunnel.  Date, time and location. Thank You. 2 Chronicles 7:14.

Bone problems are being healed right now. The Pool of Siloam; the Healing Pool. There is healing in the atmosphere. These bones shall live in the name of Jesus.

We pray for economic recovery, children and economic debt. We are partakers for the age to come. We choose wise and godly leaders in the upcoming election. We bind every power that would anoint the scepter of wickedness in our land. Release the river and rest on the head of those you favor. Drip down. Give strength and anoint them to run and lay hold of the prize. We stand in the gap and welcome wise and godly leaders from the north, south, east and west. We call in leaders such that it would be to Your glory to give us the victory through them. Speak Breath of God. We look around at the policy and action of the Fed; we look at the market and labor force and unions. We see these bones. The hand of the Lord has set us down in the middle of the valley. As You walked in the midst, manifest now in the kingdom of earth. You heal, deliver and restore. We prophesy to these bones. You shall live, live, live. We draw from the treasures of heaven. We speak into the division in this nation. We pull down the principalities. We bring the strength of the Lord. We speak reconciliation, peace and shalom into the divisions. Spirits of accusation we bind your mouth. Secular humanism, we take authority, you shall not reign over the United States of America. Every treaty or pact that would put the law over constitution, you shall not control or levy taxes. We break hidden treaties; we break your power over this nation. We stand in that covenant as we speak to these dry bones. Spirits of antichrist and anti-Semitism, we take authority over you. You shall not wrap us in your rope. We break the spirit of terror. We stand against the encroaching wave of terror. You shall not rule over us. Thank You, Father. We thank You, Lord of life. As priest, we walk around our land. We come before You tonight and spread seed over the fallow ground. We pray for every candidate; every member from the president down. Give us leaders such that it would be to Your glory to give us the victory through them. Come oh Breath of God; break off yokes and pending yokes. America, you shall live! We prophesy to the Holy Spirit to come and breathe on the national election. Let the wind of God fall down like rain. Righteousness, order, justice and peace. We pray hope for our children. We pray a landslide in Your direction. Turn hearts and enlighten minds. God remember our goodness to Israel. Return us to closeness with Israel. Landslide, landslide, landslide. We prophesy rivers of joy. Replace every negative spirit.

Prophesy unity, one, over this nation. No class or racial warfare. America, You shall not be divided. One house united under God.

We stand in the broken down place and speak for the Christian Church. We embrace Your land, Israel. Peace and security. We stand against the enemy of Israel. We stand in the broken down place. You shall not pass!

Choose wisely and break the spirit of enchantment. We bind any spirit over the elections that would seek to defraud. We speak healing and identity.


  • Economic Recovery: We hold America before You. Consider where we are in a situation that seems hopeless. With You all things are possible. We decree these dry bones shall live. Rebound! Breathe God and make way for entrepreneurs and business here. We shall prosper again. We have promises; some require action. We have made a covenant. We humble ourselves. You said You would heal our land. Increase right now. Spring up oh well. Rise natural resources and spiritual revelation. Winds blow. Thank You for the landslide. We shall lend and not be borrowers.
Like the Lord of the Rings, we look to the East. Light is breaking through. We have been through the dark and there’s a cry to the east. Wake up the mighty warriors. We dream of what we can do. Wake up! Breakthrough the mindset of those faltering. Breakthrough so Your word can come through. Revival. John 17:20-21.
  • Israel: Realign government leaders for Israel. Pray for a government that favors and protects Israel. Main decision makers would have a love for Israel. Fresh revelation, truthful direction and wholehearted friendship and ally of Israel. Turn the hearts of our leaders to be one with You.

Prophetic Words/Visions

  • Word: This week I’ve been praying about breaking the spirit of Ahab. We loose courage right now. We loose Your people. We loose the truth now in Jesus name. We thank You for loosing the spirit of Elijah and Jehu that would throw Jezebel out the window. The spirits of Ahab and Jezebel are broken. Lord, we’re on Your agenda.
  • Word: Bulls are running. Shift! 


A man received a miracle in the Watch of the Lord ® tonight. His rotator cup was healed and he was able to stretch his arm into the air. He said the popping noise stopped and something grew back. He could feel it taking place. He ran around the sanctuary, giving God all the glory.

 The Watch