Please join us for our 40 Day Corporate Fast
January 6 - February 13, 2021

We bless you as you join us in fasting as we begin 2021. We fix our eyes on Jesus as overcomers! God has promised us that we are going from faith to faith and from glory to glory.

Jesus has accomplished the victory and we possess that victory now. Set aside some time to position yourself to allow the Spirit of God to completely breathe the breath of life of refreshing and fire into your heart that you'll have clear vision, open ears that hear, strong hands, strong arms, and a courageous heart for the year before us that we will have shouts of victory once again. We have overcome because He has overcome. In every season of life, and every challenge, in every circumstance, and ultimately facing down the last enemy, which is mortal death, we already have obtained the victory. 

We are praying for an overturn, a turnaround in this election, and an absolute exposure of all of the frauds. Expose the treacherous ones, and bring truth to light. 

May the Lord give us courage. May this be a year of overcoming. May God fulfill all that he has spoken. May the Lord, the just judge, have mercy on us and have mercy on our children. Lord Jesus, vindicate the people of god and vindicate truth in this hour. 

We speak blessing over your family. We speak blessing over this nation. We bless President Trump and Vice President Pence. We bless Israel and Jerusalem, and we pray victory. 

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*Feel free to participate in this fast at the level and intensity that is comfortable for you. You may do a partial fast, skip one meal a day on your fasting days, or a Daniel fast (fruits and vegetables). Ask the Lord how He would have you participate. For more specifics on fasting, please see our classic book, The Hidden Power of Prayer & Fasting.



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