Prayer for Troops Mobilized in Afghanistan

O Lord God of Hosts, Commander of Angel Armies, we thank You for the victory in battle that You have given our troops and allies. As they support the task of reconstruction, continue to hide them in Your secret place we pray. We place them under Your Almighty shadow. Hide them in the shelter of Your arms. We seek Your face and pray that You be their refuge and fortress. Our God, we trust in You for their sake and pray on their behalf. Deliver our troops from every snare of the fowler. Show beforehand and destroy every strategy and every weapon, every device and every stronghold of the enemy.

According to Your Word, keep our loved ones and the people of  Afghanistan safe from all evil plots of the enemy to thwart and destroy Your plans for these nations to live in freedom and safety. As in the days when Nehemiah worked to rebuild Jerusalem’s walls and Sanballat and Tobiah came against him, insurgents have risen up and seek to undo, waylay, and destroy the works of the builders of freedom that You have sent to restore the nation of Afghanistan. As our troops hold the sword for the builders, grant them the destruction of this insurgency and remnants of the Taliban while delivering them from every trap and ambush of the enemy! Cover the troops with Your feathers. Provide refuge under Your wings. Be their shield and buckler. As You were a pillar of fire for Israel when You brought them out of Pharaoh's land, shine for them now! Cause terror by night to flee from every man and woman. As You were a cloud of deliverance for Israel and destruction to Pharaoh's armies, be their cloud of deliverance. Deliver every one from the arrow that flies by day. Cause any bullet, grenade or other plan by the enemies of peace and justice to fall to the ground having missed their mark completely.

O Lord, God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, keep our loved ones in Afghanistan and the surrounding region safe from pestilence that walks in darkness. Deliver them from destruction aimed to lay waste at noonday. Though a thousand fall on one side and ten thousand on the other, Captain of Hosts, we pray it shall not come near our troops. We set our love upon You for their sakes and intercede in this hour. Set each one on high for Your Name's sake. Be with them in every task and in any trouble that may arise. Cause the Afghan people to look with favor, kindness, assistance and protection on every American and all Allied Forces working there. Deliver them as You did Your servants of old. Establish our troops and bring them home in honor. Satisfy each man and each woman with long life. O Lord God, show us Your salvation!

Scripture References: Psalm 91, Nehemiah 2

Prayer for the Health and Well-Being of Our Troops

Oh Lord God, we are grateful that by Your mighty hand and outstretched arm You have brought victory to the coalition forces by bringing down the reigns of terror of Saddam Hussein and the Taliban. We give You glory and honor and thanks that You have protected our troops from the threat of chemical and biological weapons. We continue to pray that any hidden weapons of mass destruction would be exposed and safely destroyed before the enemy can discover and use them. We plead the precious blood of Jesus and ask You to be an impenetrable hedge about our troops as they continue to help the  Afghan people rebuild their nation and establish righteous government. We cry out for Your divine intervention against the lawless terrorists who are attempting to undermine the work that our troops and the civil servants from many nations are doing for Afghanistan. We bind the spirit of tribal division that would attempt to prevent the rise of a unified Afghanistan and release the spirit of peace, joy and unity over both nations. We take authority over and cancel every assignment of the enemy regarding our troops and those of our trusted allies. Uncover, root out and bring to nothing all ambushes, attacks and traps of the enemy. Render confusion in their camp! We loose mighty warring angels to heed Your Word and bring down the principalities and powers of darkness that are attempting to rule over Afghanistan where our troops and civil servants face grave danger from IEDs, car bombs, homicide bombers, mortar attacks and kidnappings. Let the glory of the Lord God of Israel return to these areas. We claim and declare them as Holy ground.

We also pray for the protection and emotional well-being of our troops being deployed now or staying in Afghanistan, or the surrounding areas and for their families left behind. We bind all anxiety and fear that would try to torment them and pray that the perfect love of Jesus would cast out all fear. Strengthen marriages and family ties and, protect them during this time of separation. We bind the negative reports in the media that would distort the truth about Afghanistan and discourage our troops and our nation. We ask You, Jehovah Jireh, to supply every physical, emotional, financial and practical need of each man, woman and child affected by the war on terror. As You brought the children of Israel out of Egypt and there was not one feeble among them, we pray that our troops would come home from this war in honor and good health. We bind and take authority over every negative side effect of vaccinations or medications that our armed forces received in preparation for deployment to Afghanistan. We ask You, God of mercy, to prevent repeats of post-war syndromes of the past that affected mind and body. Compensate our troops and their families to the fullest for their great sacrifice to bring out those who were bound and set the captives free! May the blessings of Abraham be upon each one of these and their families in recompense for their willing sacrifices. In Jesus’ name we pray. Amen.

Prayer for Special Operations Forces

Captain of Armies who met Joshua on the plain before Jericho, we pray in Your Name for Special Operations Forces deployed in Iraq, Afghanistan and the surrounding region. We give You thanks for these mighty men of valor. When Hussein's regime and the Taliban used oppressions, committed robbery, mistreated the poor and needy and wrongfully oppressed the stranger, You sought for a man who would make a wall and stand in the gap before You on behalf of the land. You found them when You searched, and they answered when You called. As in the year of King Uzziah's death, cause the warriors of Special Operations to ride on the heights of the earth and see the Lord sitting on His throne high and lifted up. As live coals taken from Your altar when You said, "Whom shall we send and who will go for us?" they have said, "Here am I, send me." Give hearing and understanding, seeing and perception, hearts quick to understand and bodies able to each that they may complete the task allotted them.

God-Who-Sees, let every unit of Special Operations harmonize, working together as members of one another as one man, for two are better than one. Cause them to receive a double reward for their labor. Bind them together with You in the bond of the living so the three-fold cord is not broken. Send out troops of holy angels as messenger companions for every Unit and every man. Be a troop against the enemies who would rise up against Special Operations. As You were with Your servant Elisha when the Syrians surrounded him, be with these troops, O Lord God! Open their eyes perpetually to see that there are more with them than are against them in every mountain! When other youths faint and grow weary, while young men utterly fall, cause Special Operations to mount up with wings like eagles that they might run and not be weary. Empower them to walk and not faint. As You were with David of old, make each man able to run through a troop and leap over a wall. By the might and power of Your Spirit with them cause the highest peak, the greatest difficulty to become an open field before them.

We pour grace upon the men who are the cornerstone of every operation. Bring each of these valiant ones home in success and honor. Anoint each one to stand beside You in new light and finish the work his hands have begun. Refresh Your valiant ones, O Lord, with the strength of David's mighty men. Give courage in the face of evil and strength to oppose and overwhelm the plans of evildoers. Remember the faithfulness and devotion to the well-being of one another that binds every Unit. Let the brotherhood they share pour renewal on their souls like water from Bethlehem's well. Prepare a table for them in the presence of their enemies and cause goodness and mercy to follow them all the days of their lives. Bring them home in peace and wholeness, we pray. Give back full compensation, and reward them and their families for their willingness to be our defender and take up Your cause. We give thanks for each of them and hold them before Your face in Jesus Name. Amen!

A Prayer for All Those Wounded, Otherwise Injured or Fallen Ill in Iraq and Afghanistan

Heavenly Father, we pray in the name of Jesus for all who are wounded, otherwise injured or have fallen ill in the conflict of war, both civilian and military. They are dear to us, but even more precious to You. Hold them in Your healing arms today, O Lord Jehovah Rapha, the Lord Who is our Healer. Lord Jesus, You were wounded and bruised for us on the cross. You bore all our grief and carried every sorrow when You suffered. According to Your Word, by Your stripes we were healed, so we have confidence to ask for total healing for each of our friends and loved ones and for those wounded in the battle for the liberation of Iraq and Afghanistan. We call upon the Holy Spirit Who raised Jesus from the dead to give life and wholeness to quicken these mortal bodies. We call for complete restoration in body, mind, and spirit for each one who now suffers. We pray for creative miracles and ask that you would commission healing angels to bring new limbs, eyes, or other body parts from Your heavenly storehouses to those who need them, and bring their bodies back to total wholeness. Thank You, Lord Jesus, for Your great mercy and compassion. As we cry out to You, we trust with confidence that You are sending Your Word to heal each afflicted one completely. We take authority in Jesus’ name to bind all symptoms of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and any other lingering ill effects of injuries or emotional trauma. We know that whatever we ask in Your name, You will do, so we expect to receive a miracle of intervention, healing and speedy recovery for these dear ones. We pray that You would grant peace that passes all understanding to the families of those who are wounded, and encourage their faith as they wait upon You for answers to their prayers.

Father, we especially ask for Your mercy upon each civilian and innocent Iraqi and Afghan citizen who has been injured in this conflict, made ill by lack of good food, water or medicine, or otherwise traumatized by war. In Your great compassion and for Jesus’ sake, we ask You to grant the Iraqi and Afghan people a time of divine visitation, and reveal Yourself to them as the Savior and Healer. Just as You raised Jairus’ daughter, Lord Jesus, we ask You to raise those up who are near death, that they may live and declare the mighty works of the Lord Jesus Christ. We ask all these things in the name above all names, the Lord Jesus Christ. Amen.

A prayer to Bind Spiritual Forces of Wickedness, Terrorist Activity and Dangerous Strife

O Lord, look down upon our allied troops and fighting forces, upon civic and coalition building partners, upon any remnant of defeated regimes and upon every pocket of resistance and terror. Show Your strength as You did at Jericho and at the Red Sea. Make a clear difference between Your servants and Your enemies. Be deliverance from harm for all who seek the right way, but for Your enemies and all who plot mischief, cause destruction and prevention of every evil scheme. Look upon your enemies through the pillar of fire and cloud, destroy their plots and weapons and cause them to say, “Let us flee from the lands of Iraq and Afghanistan, for the Lord fights for them.”

In the name of Jesus we loose the power of the blood of Christ to destroy the principalities, powers and rulers of darkness that continue to stir up violence, resist freedom, take hostages and shed the blood of innocents. We call upon You, Jesus, Captain of Hosts and upon Your Angel Armies to enjoin the battle in the heavens and give victory by Your decree to every effort of the coalition, military and civic. We pull down the hosts of wickedness roosting over Iraq and Afghanistan and expel every remaining pocket of resistance and terrorism. Lion of Judah, flush out Bin Laden, al Sadr and all other terrorists and insurgents from their caves and hiding places and deliver them into the hands of the coalition. Let not the spirit of fundamentalist Islam hinder the establishment of democratic governments nor lead the people to oppression ever again. We bind the powers of anti-Christ perpetrated through the worship of false gods. Cause the divisive nature of tribal religion to be overcome by a greater force of harmony in liberty. We ask for a divine release of the spirit of peace and cooperation and that wolf and lamb would dwell side by side together in safety.

Loose angels with swords drawn to guard the borders of Iraq and Afghanistan and to root out and expel those whose feet run to shed innocent blood and commit further acts of terror against coalition forces. We bind the wild spirit seen by the Angel of the Lord when He met Hagar at the well. We break the brotherhood of strife and stand as watchmen that it shall be unable to succeed in causing trouble in the nations now free from oppression. Cause the fear of the Lord to come down upon the lands and disable and disperse all terrorist groups in every place. Be to Your servants, our troops and civil agencies, Guide and Shepherd, the Lighted Path. Grant them favor and cooperation by all Iraqi and Afghan citizens. But to those who plot and do evil, be thick darkness and confusion. Terror of Isaac, disrupt the plans of the evil man, and cause him to be captured or taken away before he can do harm. Stir up the people to identify and reject every foreign fighter who has entered the land to shed the blood of the coalition. Stop the words of conspiracy to stir up trouble from within. Bring the wild man into submission, we pray! In Jesus’ name we bind the uncontrolled spirit that boils over in rage and accusation while loving a lie.

Cause peace, like a river, to flood the dry places. Anoint the new media to be an instrument of righteousness and influence for well-being and democracy. We reclaim the land of Abraham’s father, the city of Ur, the place of Your Garden and the entire region for the King of kings and Lord of lords, Jesus Christ. Lift up your heads O gates, and be lifted up you everlasting doors that the King of Glory, the Lord strong and mighty, the Lord mighty in battle may come in! Amen.

Scripture References: Exodus 14:24, Josh 6, Daniel 7, Ephesians 6:12, Psalm 24, Genesis 16:12; Isaiah 11:6, 24-25, 29-31, Psalm 144:1

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