August 2011


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Fri, August 26th. 2011. As the school year begins, pray for your children returning to schools or colleges and the specific institutions they attend as well as children in your church. May the holy angels protect our children and may God give them safety.
FRIDAY, August 19, 2011,Israel is presently on highest terror alert after triple terror attacks that killed 7 Israeli and wounded 29 near Eilat. Pray for this small nation that has a special place in the heart of God.
FRIDAY, August 12, 2011.The U.S. and Britain have been allies throughout the last century through WWI and WWII, and in more recent times, the UK has been one of the first responders as a friend and ally to America in the war on terror.
August 5, 2011.Let us turn our faces toward the God of all grace. Even though we deserve judgment, through the complete work of Christ at Calvary and His shed blood, let us plead for mercy on behalf of ourselves, our families, our churches and nation.
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