November 2011


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Friday, Nov. 25, 2011. In a few years China is expected to be the world’s premier economic power. We hear great reports about revival and the rise of the underground Church in China. Pray for this revival. May hundreds of millions turn to Christ...
Friday, Nov. 18, 2011. As a nation, we choose to give thanks at this time of year following the tradition of our founders. As believers we should be thankfulalways. Presently, millions of our countrymen are jobless, and we are a debtor nation...
Friday Nov. 11, 2011. For revival to take hold, we need the watchmen to rise up in every city, town, and church, take their place on the walls of intercession, and bind the strongman over their region. Churches need to be the key intercessors for...
Friday, Nov. 4, 2011. We as believers realize that at the root of our present national malaise, economic recession, and moral breakdown is spiritual decay. Let us fervently pray in a spiritual awakening. We see in our history the awesome results...
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